Faster EFT Tapping for Stress and Anxiety

Is worry your constant companion? Do you lay awake at night, just worrying about horrible things that happened in your life, are happening or will happen to you? You can feel your heart beating faster, you start getting sweaty, start feeling the anxiety and stress and before you know it, you’re having a full blown anxiety attack.


If you want to break this cycle of uncertainty, of not knowing where or when the next anxiety attack is going to happen, then try the Faster EFT detailed exercise guide below. Tapping Faster EFT style is known to reduce anxiety and stress (we’ll tell you the science behind it), will immediately calm you down and before you know it, you’ll be anxiety and stress free in a short amount of time!

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What is Faster EFT?

FasterEFT is an energy based system as well, founded on Neurology and Biology. The foundation belief in Faster EFT is that there is no disruption of energy, in fact everything is functioning as it should – according to the way the brain has developed in order to survive in the environment. In Faster EFT, the tapping is used to disrupt the signal between the brain and the major organs of the body that trigger the fight or flight response while changing neural pathways in the neocortex of the brain.


Faster EFT recognizes that experiences are recorded in the subconscious for future reference (which is how we learn to walk, drive, respond to stimuli etc. without needing to consciously concentrate on every movement and decision) and that the subconscious prompts the body and conscious mind to act according to those memories, regular EFT specifically believes that negative emotions have nothing to do with memories and are caused only by a disruption in the body’s energy system.


These key differences in approach and belief mean that regular EFT works on balancing the energy system while FasterEFT works on changing subconscious programing through neurological and biological processes.


For anxiety and stress to manifest there must “proof”, in Faster EFT this pertains to the record of an experience. It is how we feel about any particular event or tangible object that ultimately make a problem a “problem”. It is the feelings that make them real and experiential.

Below is an infographic explaining the Faster EFT technique:

Does Faster EFT Tapping really work?

The short answer is – Faster EFT tapping absolutely works! But only if you keep tapping on yourself persistently, and refuse to settle for anything but total freedom from anxiety and stress. Although Robert G. Smith, the creator of FasterEFT, first started out training in and using regular EFT, he gradually added his own variations to the process, eventually developing an entirely new system. The result is a faster process that is easier to remember and execute.


It’s more than just about fixing your energy – it’s about fixing your mind by reprogramming your subconscious mind. This practice of Faster EFT tapping has exploded within the last decade and thousands of people have healed themselves of so called “incurable” diseases, aches, pains, phobias, anxiety and stress related problems. It’s fast, quick and effective.


Why should you choose Faster EFT?

  • It focuses on your subconscious mind and not on the problem – which means it focuses on the root cause of the problem instead of the symptom.
  • It’s fast, easy to learn and effective.
  • It can be used on anything stress related in life – health, wealth and finances.
  • It causes a disruption in the programmed biological and neurological response.
  • It results in an automatic change in behavior, health and circumstances.


For more differences between Faster EFT and regular EFT read: What’s the Difference Between EFT and FasterEFT?


Faster EFT for anxiety and stress relief

Living with anxiety and stress can be exhausting; and while there are different types of anxiety, the cause is the same. Understanding how anxiety works and what causes it will help you to realize how you can use Faster EFT to get rid of it – permanently. Coping with anxiety and stress in the moment is one thing; getting rid of it so that you are no longer plagued by that feeling is something else! And Faster EFT can help you to free yourself fully.


Anxiety and stress are caused by the body going into the ‘fight or flight’ stress response, known as the emergency stress state. That feeling of anxiety and stress is caused by the fight or flight stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. The result is an increase in heart rate, sweaty palms, and all of the other signs that you are in danger – except there is no actual danger. The body is responding as if there is a physical threat when no such threat exists.


Step by step exercise guide – getting rid of anxiety and stress using Faster EFT


Step 1

Notice how you know you have anxiety and stress – if you’re feeling anxious right now, notice what that feels like; if you’re not feeling anxious right now, remember the last time you did feel anxious and notice what it feels like. Notice where in your body you feel it, and how strong it is.

Step 2

Using two fingers, and focusing on the feeling of your fingers on your skin, gently tap the following points while saying the phrases:

– Between your eyebrows – “I release and let this go.”

– Beside your eye – “Let it go”

–  Under your eye – “It’s safe to let it go”

– Just below your collarbone – “Just let it all go”

Step 3

Grab your wrist, take a deep breath, blow it out and say “Peace”. Now go to a peaceful memory – something that feels really good. It doesn’t even need to be a real memory, it could be a dream or somewhere you would love to be – anything that makes you feel good, happy and peaceful.

Step 4

Now go back to the feeling of anxiety and stress and notice if it’s changed. If it has changed, notice how it’s different and what is still left. Then go back and repeat the process from Step 2 to Step 4. Keep repeating these steps until all of the symptoms of anxiety and stress have gone.


Why Faster EFT tapping works for Stress and Anxiety

  1. Do not stop until all of the symptoms have gone and you no longer feel any anxiety and stress.
  2. As you are tapping, you may find that memories and other thoughts come to you. Even though these may not appear to have any connection, there will be some connection to the anxiety. They will be somehow connected in the records held in your subconscious. Notice them – notice how you feel, what you see, what you hear, and then tap again. Keep tapping until those memories and thoughts flip.

Read: How to Change a Bad Memory using FasterEFT to learn about flipping memories.

  1. Use this technique every time you start to feel anxiety and stress. Don’t wait until it gets to the full strength – start tapping as soon as you feel the first signs. Nipping it in the bud is the fastest and most effective way to get rid of anxiety.

Although FasterEFT will make permanent changes to the records in your subconscious that cause these anxiety attacks, there may be several different aspects of the causes, which means you may need to tap on a variety of different thoughts, memories and feelings. Keep going – don’t stop until it has completely changed!



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