Helping People Who Need It the Most!

Standing out of the crowd. Doing things differently. Doing things that actually work! Breaking the old rules.

This week i just finished presenting to many different project managers in Cornwall UK (Redruth, Truro) . Offering to do a pilot program with the homeless, addicted and emotional hurt individuals in the UK. They are very keen for something that is innovated, cutting edge, based on science of the mind and creates measurable changes with mental and emotional issues.

Clearly it has been know ineffective the current system is (less than 10%) and they talked about the mindset of the current system. This mindset is most never gets better and it has been a revolving door for treatment centers. They come in, leave and then enter into another system that still does not work. One concern was mentioned, “If what you can do for us is true then it will affect our bottomline, which means they do not come back. Which by the way I have seen this same mindset in so many other drug facilities. They will not rework the current system for real changes because they will lose money. They want to help only at a level they benefit from it.

I said, “Listen you will set the stage for success! People will be knocking at your door to come because the current models takes too long and most are not helped! A program that shifts the real cause of problems (addressing memories) you will have to build bigger and more facilities because results speak louder than just another revolving door!

Here is how you do it! You must document your results, video proof, how bad it is was for the clients, show what you are doing different, let people see you are making changes where it counts! If your clients are now successful, happy and living on their ownthis speaks loud! We are changing the minds and hearts of those who are hurt and need it the most. There is NOTHING THAT CHANGES THE REAL PROBLEM as FAST and complete as my eutaptics® neuroplasticity training! It is the go to system for deep changes and big results! YOU MUST DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT to be successful! I am leading the path to real emotional intelligence!” This what I am offering to you and your country!

You can watch the results here on this video

I did one session at one of the shelters on a man who had been depressed for 12 years and after 15 minutes I change TWO MAJOR memories that drove his depression. I also did it WITHOUT KNOWING ANY CONTENT OF THE MEMORIES. Needless to say, those who witnessed him transform were in tears as he was too. He kept thinking me over and over again.

He sent this message to Marion Barton.

“I have suffered from severe depression for nearly 12 years now and it has transformed my life from what I thought it would be into what it is today and it has closed many doors that were once open to me. I had begun to accept that it was going to be with me until my time was done. But yesterday was quite simply a revelation for me.

Issues that at times debilitate me, quite literally went as if they had never been there in the first place. I am still stunned by the effectiveness of what Robert practices.

I would implore you to try and obtain funding to pilot the treatment it in Cornwall and if you need an advocate I would be happy to throw my support (for what it’s worth) behind you. Some people come into your life and leave without a trace of them having been there. Robert in what was no more than a chance encounter has left an indelible mark on my past and my future. Thank you again. Gerry W.”

I gave a three hour presentation to 60 plus people, I was explaining now the mind works, how memories work and how to make fast changes. I then pulled three people up and changed some really, really big memories. One was a childhood bullying memory, the other was a birth trauma memory and in ten minutes a woman’s rape memory. Needless to say the whole crowd was in awww. So many came to me and to thank me for sharing. Others said they are goingto help get this program started.

I blew a Psychiatric Doctor’s mind with the presentation. He said, “You’ve changed my life! You opened up my eyes. Thank you! He is also very keen to help!”

A big thank you to Marion Barton and her team to make this happen!

We are going to make a massive imprint on this planet and than you who are supporting me.

Peace Robert Gene!

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