How FasterEFT Saved My Daughter’s Life – Healing Success Story

Phyllis McDonald-Mattie’ daughter, Vicki, was planning a trip to Mexico and went in to get her Twinrix shots – just a very routine vaccination.


Everything went wrong after Vicki suffered an adverse reaction to the vaccination and ended up in the Emergency Room (ER).


This is her story as told through her mother, Phyllis, and the powerful healing effects of FasterEFT.


Phyllis says,

“My daughter, Vicki, is planning a trip to Mexico soon and decided to get the Twinrix vaccines that were recommended. Normally you get 3 shots spaced over a 3 week period. With the first shot she reacted with head to toe itching, redness and swelling of face and hands. Ended up in Emergency [Room] and was given IV steroids and oral steroids to take home. On Friday, she went for the second vaccine. Late Saturday she started reacting again and Sunday ended up in Emergency [Room] again with severe itching, rash, swelling and was given IV steroids again. Monday(yesterday), she didn’t feel any better. Saw her family doctor and he gave her antihistamines and steroids and referred her to an allergy specialist.”


Phyllis continues,

“Last night she asked to [FasterEFT] tap. She was feeling awful and no better. We tapped for 2 hours and addressed how she felt during the reactions and using the A.R.T. of Change we were able to get to some core emotional issues. She released so much emotion and irritation and anger about events of the past and present.”


What is the A.R.T. of Change?

The A.R.T. of Change is a process found in FasterEFT that enables one to get to the source of the problem.


But it’s actually an acronym for the following three words:

Aim – Release – Transform.

Aim – Distributing the focus and attention towards the issue, aspects of the issue and how the issue exists (physical sensations felt within the body).


Release – The phase wherein the interlinked thoughts forming the structure of the problems are weakened and released.


This phase requires constant re-checking to ensure that all aspects of the problem have been cleared.


Transform – The phase in the process where the problem and all its mental components are transformed.


This is referred to as memory “flipping” or “reimprinting” in FasterEFT.


The FasterEFT technique works with the subconscious to make changes using both the body and the mind, resulting in restructuring of neural networks in the neocortex of the brain as well as other physical changes.


Tapping on someone else in a memory is often used in FasterEFT as part of addressing a memory; however, it is understood that everything in a memory is purely a representation of an experience, rather than an actual separate person or entity.


Whatever work is done within the memory is changing the person’s records of that experience rather than changing something outside of themselves.


To use FasterEFT, you would notice how you know you have a problem.


If you have a memory, you would notice the details of that memory, and how you feel as you remember it; if you don’t have a memory, you would simply notice how you know the problem exists.


This may be because you feel it, or it may be because of the experiences you’ve been having recently, or it may be just a knowing.


However you know you have the problem – you would notice it.


This is the process of aiming – directing the subconscious.


This is how the A.R.T. of Change process works successfully to make lasting changes.


Phyllis continues,

Shortly after our session, she looked in the mirror and could not believe her eyes. The picture on the left was taken before our session and the one on the right was taken after. It’s nothing short of miraculous. I spoke to her today and she said slept like a baby last night and woke up feeling great and has not taken any of the prescribed meds. She also informed me that she spoke to the cause of her irritation today and she felt calm. No anger. No irritation. Looking back she has noticed she has been experiencing sinus congestion regularly and rashes off and on. Today sinuses are clear.”

You may be wondering how tapping on a few points can lead to such drastic physical change.


That’s because The Brain is the Body and the Body is the Brain


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The brain stores the trauma from experiences in the body.


Vicki had been storing trauma from her past within her body that resulted in her physical ill-health.


You can test that right now: Think of something that bothers you, and notice how you know it bothers you – you will feel some kind of sensation in your body.


You know it bothers you because you feel it in your stomach, or your neck, or your back, or your chest, or anywhere else in your body.


When you change the record that is stored in the brain, it will automatically result in a change in the way your body feels.


That’s exactly what happened to Vicki when she used the FasterEFT tapping technique.


The Emotional Link

After Phyllis and Vicki went through a few rounds of FasterEFT tapping, the physical and emotional discomfort she felt had reduced.


Vicki had realized that she was carrying guilt, anger and other emotional issues from her past.


It’s only after she released those pent up emotions that her body returned to a state of calm and her body was able to heal itself.  


If Vicki’s symptoms were purely physical, they would not change, regardless of changes in emotions, thoughts and tapping.


The brain stores emotions in the body.


Vicki did not need to know the emotional cause of the pain – she was initially aiming at the feeling of the pain itself; and as the tapping continued, her subconscious accessed the records it held that were connected to that pain.


As a result, the realization of the past traumas came to her automatically and her mind and body both changed.


Phyllis says,


“I am so thankful for this process of FasterEFT/Eutaptics and being able to share with others and assist in their healing. To watch my daughter heal so quickly was incredible. Thank you Robert Smith for all that you continue to do to teach us and train us to better assist our clients. Forever grateful.

FYI: I was given permission to share

Read Phyllis’ original Facebook testimony here.




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