How I Found Love using FasterEFT | Relationship Testimonial

This is Odile’s success story – a powerful testimonial about persistence and how she found love using FasterEFT!

Odile’s Story:

“Today [August 7, 2017] (in about 5 hours from now ), I get to marry the man of my dreams!!


Just 6 months ago, I had no idea that such a person existed!! I couldn’t have imagined these last six months, and that I could be this happy, and would be getting married today, to a man who is perfect for me in every way.


I wasn’t even looking for a relationship, but I know there are many people who are. This is inspiration for those who want to find their perfect someone, but don’t know how (or doubt they exist) – here’s how to do it!

I owe this amazing life-turn to Robert G. Smith and FasterEFT since, not only did Steve and I meet at one of Robert’s training seminars, but I wouldn’t have been ready for this incredible love if I hadn’t used FasterEFT to work on myself and become more of my authentic self.


Thank you so much to everyone for the congratulations and wishes – very much appreciated, and I soooo wish I could beam all of my family and friends over here today!! But we will celebrate with you when we see you!! Love (unconditional, as always) to you all.

How to find Love using FasterEFT

At first, the idea of finding true love using a technique like Faster EFT may seem insane; but as you read through this article you will gain an understanding of how you can use FasterEFT to find love. The key to using this technique to finding true love is the same as using it for other transformations – your health, wealth, finances, overall well being etc. Following the advice here, you have the opportunity to live a life with the person of your dreams, just like Odile did. But you do need to be prepared to do what it takes if you really want to find your love.


Finding true love – What it takes

Take the Reins: The first step to finding your true love using FasterEFT is to take responsibility and control. The great news is that you have the power to make the changes you desire – you don’t need to wait for anything or anyone outside of yourself to change. Accepting this and making the decision to take the initiative within yourself will ensure your success.

To gain an understanding of how your problems were created in the first place, read: The REAL Cause of All Your Problems


It starts with You:

The way other people treat us is a direct reflection of how we treat ourselves. They learn through demonstration. If you’ve ever wondered, “Will I find true love?”, “When will I find true love?”, “How do I find true love?” etc. then you’re not alone. Thoughts like these are a direct reflection of the beliefs you hold about yourself and finding love within your subconscious mind. Start noticing how you speak to yourself, the choices you make and the actions you take (or don’t take) and become aware of the effect they have on you. Would you make the same choices, take the same actions, and say the same words to someone you love?


How to find true love with Yourself

Start treating yourself the way you want to be treated; and when you notice you’ve said something about yourself or to yourself in your mind that would bother you if it came from someone else, stop and take a moment to tap on it. Use the FasterEFT process to tap out that thought or phrase and anything connected to it.

To learn about the FasterEFT tapping technique read: The Faster EFT Technique – Step-by-Step

As you start tapping on it you may find that memories or other thoughts come to you – tap on those too! Even if they seem to have nothing to do with what’s bothering you or finding true love. If they’ve come up while you’re tapping, they are likely to be connected. Make sure that you tap until the thought, feeling or memory flips.

What is memory flipping in FasterEFT? Read How to Change a Bad Memory using FasterEFT


Becoming Vigilant

Be vigilant of the things you say automatically – these will probably be things that you heard frequently while you were growing up. You may well be completely unaware of them until you start paying attention and noticing them. You may not think they have any effect on you now, after all this time since you’re used to them. You’ll know when you find true love – because your reaction to that person will be different from your reaction to previous romantic partners. Your old fears, habits and other self-sabotaging patterns will automatically be gone, because you tapped on them and flipped them.

Achieving Psychological Flexibility is the Goal of Faster EFTFind true love using Subconscious mind power

So, for example: if you find yourself in the habit of saying “I’m so unattractive” those words may seem to have no effect on you consciously now; but the fact is – they are the indication that there is a record in your subconscious that you have low self-worth based on your self image. And your subconscious will be using that record as a reference and prompting your conscious mind and body accordingly.


This will mean you are making choices, taking actions, failing to take actions, communicating, and feeling attracted to certain people – all based on the records your subconscious holds as “proof” of who you are and your place in the world. And if one of those records is “I’m so unattractive” (and even though you may not believe it consciously, if you catch yourself saying it, it is definitely a subconscious record) you can imagine how it affects finding love, even though you are consciously unaware of it.

Changing the subconscious Records

What is the subconscious mind: Read FasterEFT Explains What is Subconscious Programming

As you start to become more aware of your “self-talk” look out for the words and phrases that are negative or disrespectful in any way, and tap on them. Go back to the first time you remember hearing that phrase and use the FasterEFT process to tap on that memory until it flips. Using FasterEFT to clear out the negative and limiting beliefs about finding true love that are held in your subconscious will result in automatic changes in the way you feel, the choices you make, the actions you take, the way you communicate, and even the type of person you are attracted to. All of this will also, of course, affect the type of person who is attracted to you!


Cleaning up After Your Exes

Your past relationships may be over, but what you experienced will have been interpreted and filed away in your subconscious. These are the records your subconscious is referring to for all future relationships. These are the “truths” and “facts” that your experiences with finding love are based on now. Again, your choices, your communication, your actions, your ability to see or miss opportunities, the type of people you attract and are attracted to – are all based on these “facts” your subconscious refers to that are stored as records.


Changing your subconscious experiences with Love

To change your experience with finding love, you need to change the “proof” and “facts” your subconscious holds. When you change those, everything you feel and do will change accordingly – and that will result in completely different results.


Go back to the things that bothered you in each relationship. Remember what it was that you found most challenging, and notice how you know it bothered you. Where do you feel that feeling, and how strong is it? See what you saw at the time; hear what you heard; and feel what you felt. This is how you aim at the core record. Then use the FasterEFT process to clear that record and flip it. Keep tapping until it flips to a positive version of what happened.

As you do this, you will be literally rewiring your brain for love.

Is FasterEFT worth the time and effort?

How much do you want to find true love? This may seem like a long process; but how long have you been living without the love you desire? Isn’t it worth putting in whatever time and effort it takes to reprogram yourself so that finding love becomes easy, healthy and rewarding. Isn’t it worth putting in a little time and effort to make sure that you get the kind of love you really want and deserve? You are worth it – start right now. Go back through the steps above, and get started right away! The sooner you start, the sooner you will be living a life filled with the love you desire.

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