“I've tried many things. The only thing that works is [eutaptics®] FasterEFT™…” eutaptics® FasterEFT™

“I've tried many things. The only thing that works is [eutaptics®] FasterEFT™…”

“Your subconscious comes up with defenses to protect you and keep you safe. When really, what it has done is give you permission to live and relive your hurts, pains, and traumas instead of healing from them.”
Robert Gene Smith 

Since the birth of Kassandra’s son, she has been on a turbulent ride with her ex-husband. One filled with late night arguments, constant yo-yo emotions, physical intimidation, and manipulation that was so polarized it was hard to wrap her mind around. 

How could someone so filled with rage and hate be so nurturing and loving when she felt unwell? 

For 15 years he has had complete control over her life. This behavior wasn’t unfamiliar to Kassandra. She knew it well, actually, because her own father, mother and sister were emotionally and physically abusive - sometimes cornering her and screaming until she went mentally numb. It was this childhood trauma that taught Kassandra the coping mechanism that she would someday bring into her marriage, and eventually lead her to the brink of death.

Before that tumultuous relationship took over her life, Kassandra graduated with a degree in culinary arts and wanted to spend her days making beautiful food. She was happy and excited for her future. She wanted to show her young son how to cook and share her love of food with her family and friends. 

Slowly but surely, all of those dreams were put on the back burner as she slipped further and further into her trauma. Her ex had isolated her from her friends and family and had taken custody of her son, often threatening to keep him from her. It was devastating.

After so much drama and stress, her natural response was to just go numb, causing major health issues that included weakness, digestive problems, and eventually a severe battle with anorexia. In 2011, her body was so stressed from the constant fighting and lack of nutrients that she slipped into a three month coma. 

By 2021, Kassandra had all but given up. She started to prepare for what she believed was the inevitable: she was dying. Crippled by the way her life had gone, she decided that she needed a change. A real change. Something that was going to help her with all of her stresses… Something that would  encourage her body to let her eat again and get her out of bed… Something that was going to save her life

At first she tried EFT and for a time she was feeling better. Soon, however, she realized it just wasn’t enough. She remembered that after her hospital stay in 2011 she had discovered eutaptics® FasterEFT™, but hadn’t given it much attention over the years. This time, though, she was going to give it a real shot.

She went back to the basics and built up her knowledge. In late 2021 she joined the “You Can Change Yourself Master Training, Hybrid Live/Online” event where she tapped with Robert. You can watch the full video here. On that call they address her past, her present, and future pace her success.

Watching the video back, you would never believe what Kassandra looks like today. Her progress is one that brings up so much pride. She has put back on weight, she is eating and cooking again, and you can see in her eyes that although she admittedly has more to do, she has found joy again. 


Watch Kassandra's full video interview here.

In her words I've healed so much by going back to the beginnings of my life with the eutaptics® [FasterEFT™]... I've tried many things. The only thing that works is [eutaptics®] FasterEFT™…”


There is nothing more important in this world than finding peace within yourself. Your happiness, your success, your relationships all depend on it. 


What you discover with eutaptics® FasterEFT™ has endless possibilities for positive change and unparalleled outcomes in your life. If you want to finally experience the life you dream of, join our upcoming  “You Can Change Yourself Master Training, Hybrid Live/Online” starting this weekend (February 4th!).


You can see Kassandra’s testimonial and photos of her incredible transformation below.

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