Lose Weight with Metabolism Tapping

Metabolism tapping probably sounds like something made up.


Or something that will require a lot of time, effort and money.


When in fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth.


Metabolism tapping is free, easy to use and can be done within seconds.


Robert explains:


What happens when you remember an emotional experience – positive or negative?


You drop into the trance.


That means you automatically go into the past and you feel it.


As with all issues, this applies to weight loss as well.


With Faster EFT, metabolism tapping helps to restructure our thinking concerning food.


The reason FasterEFT works is because when a stressor comes up, an event that triggers you and you feel in throughout your entire body, you can tap on it and all of a sudden, that overwhelming feeling to overeat is gone.




What happens with metabolism tapping in FasterEFT

Let’s say for example, you have a fear of driving.


Now of course the fear of driving represents a belief.


A belief about yourself, that is unconscious.


That fear is a real feeling based on emotions and sensations.


What we with metabolism tapping is tap on it, and as you tap on it, internal things shift.


So if you keep going, keep on tapping about the fear of driving and associated memories, you will no longer have the emotions when you think about driving.


All of a sudden, the belief that ‘I can’t drive’ changes into ‘I can drive’.


And your actual physical ability to drive across town. Now what you’re doing when you tap is changing internal representation.


The aim is to get rid of all the negative internal representations and replace them with good, positive representations.


This can be applied to food, weight loss, traumas, financial worries – anything that you fear or is holding you back from living the life of your dreams.



What is metabolism tapping?

Not only does this tap work on metabolism, it works on everything.


Hundreds of people have used this and have had powerful results.


In Faster EFT we believe and know that the mind is powerful.


The good thing about the FasterEFT tap is that you don’t have to invest much in it.


There’s no special way of doing it, no right or wrong way.


There’s no mantra you have to learn.


You just do it and results follow.


Although problems with weight have causes that are subconscious, the great thing about FasterEFT metabolism tapping is that you don’t need to know what those causes are in order to address them.


As with all issues you address with Faster EFT, you start with how you know it’s there.


You have a strong emotional connection with food, food has become an escape for you and you feel pressured into eating.


Let’s take an example:

Mary wants to 130 lbs – that’s her ideal weight.


The emotional level, i.e., the level of conviction she can put into believing that she now weighs 130lbs from her current state is probably very low.


But if within her subconscious mind she has the programs of acceptance, guilt, anger, shame, love and security operating in relation to food, achieving and maintaining her ideal weight of 130lbs will be a struggle.


She feels acceptance when she thinks about food, because when she was a little girl, Mary went to her grandmother’s house for the summer and her grandmother gave her cookies everyday to show her how much she loved Mary.


At the unconscious level, Mary feels love when she eats those cookies because they remind her of her grandmother’s love and acceptance.


So as an adult, when she gets into a fight with her husband, or her teenage son lashes out at her, she immediately reaches for the cookie jar to reaffirm her love for cookies and how good they make her feel.


You can break out of this negative self destructive cycle by using FasterEFT metabolism tapping.


The A.R.T. of Change process developed by Robert G. Smith within the Faster EFT system breaks the cycle of destructive thinking, no matter the issue.


The only way to truly break the cycle is to locate the internal turmoil or emotional conflicts produced by imprints within deeper consciousness.


The A.R.T. of change is a process that enables an individual to collapse the “food craving” structure without struggle and achieve results.


It all depends upon your determination and persistence.


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Here are a few more resources to help you get started on your weight loss journey:


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