Personality Types: Is It Accurate?

Are you a fan of personality type tests just like Myers Briggs? At one point, most of us will say or believe that they are accurate. But the reality is, if you ask any expert, they’ll tell you that it’s quite difficult to categorize a particular personality type based on a series of questions.

That’s not to say that introverts, extroverts or intuitive people don’t exist. It is just that it is not recommended to box a person into a particular personality type for life, mainly because the basis of our personalities are influenced not only by the conscious mind, by mostly by subconscious and unconscious.

A person’s personality may be identified as a certain type, through a series of questions, but the questionnaire has to be broad in that sense. But even so, the personality test only shows an inventory of your personal traits and not at all the constraints that your personality is made up of as one type. 

For example, Mary may take a test and find out that she is an introvert, based on a series of questions. However, Mary may find herself questioning why she exhibits extroversion in some occurrences. That is because of the interdependencies of our experiences. It is our subconscious programming that fuels any type of behavior or response to everything within our environment.

In other words, to be confined to a particular personality type and hold it as valid and true can be very limiting.


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Your Personality Type Must Align With Your Job?

This is a very limiting belief, yet most people subscribe to it. Say you are an INFJ, that is short for, Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging. This type of personality according to Myers-Briggs is only exhibited by 1% of the population and might just be the most difficult people to please or mingle with. Now imagine trying to find a job that would align with an INFJ? Seems difficult, doesn’t it?

Your personality must truly align with your job, but do not be confined to a four letter acronym. The reason you are responding as an introvert is because you hold within your subconscious imprints causing such behavior towards others. Unsettled issues from your past may be causing this and switching jobs and discarding opportunities just because you believe you fall into a particular personality category will limit success in your life.

Personality Types: Is It Accurate?Truth About Your Personality Traits

You create the person that you are. This may sound harsh for the materialists who believes that we are created by the world and we are here because our parents created us. But as harsh as it may sound, it is the truth. Unless you agree that you are the sole creator of your own reality, you will always fall into stereotypes and never see the true magic of life – wealth and health at its best.

You may be introverted or extroverted, intuitive or passive, but in reality that is all because you are functioning based on a program that your mind dictates you to believe. We all function this way, imprint after imprint, our memories or imprints produce our responses and since the mind is unbiased and will fire what it believes to be true and valid, we produce a particular trait over anything, most of the time causing us problems.

You Can Change – You Can Transform Your Traits

Since the traits you produce are wired to the imprints held within your subconscious, it can be rewired. Rewiring doesn’t mean you have to go through a series of medical or surgical procedures. A technique like FasterEFT memory reimprinting involves a non-invasive self-applicable technique that can weaken and then collapse the undesirable traits that are problem-producing in nature.

What FasterEFT does is help an individual release the emotions carried by the memories that produce a problem. When the emotional charge of an imprint or memory is released, the mind will no longer utilize it as a basis to form a response. This creates a change in the personality traits that can lead to a life that is much more fulfilling.


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