Understanding What Being a “Trance Monkey” Means

It may be shocking to hear that you are a trance monkey? It may feel insulting, but it’s really not meant to be. All humans beings, and we mean everybody, is a trance monkey. Bear with us while we explain what being a “trance monkey” is and what it means. According to Steven Heller’s book: “Monsters and Magical Sticks: There’s No Such Thing As Hypnosis?”

Robert G. Smith, CEO of Skills to Change Institute and founder of FasterEFT, explains that each of us is constantly in and out of trances.

By “trances” we mean running on automatic programs (based on memories and experiences) that have been installed within our subconscious since birth.

Broadly speaking, the quality of your trances (based on the quality of the data in your subconscious) determines the quality of your life – this is a part of being human.

How Does It Work?

Since we’re born, our subconscious is continuously assimilating information through our five senses, known as memories, and is interpreting and giving meaning to everything you experience – and filing those meanings for future reference. This information is used as a reference for developing your personality, what you believe to be true, and how the world works.

As you move through your life, your subconscious is constantly referring to that data held within your subconscious, and then prompts your brain to trigger your organs to produce chemicals that cause various physiological processes, sensations and feelings.

The conscious mind then responds to these sensations and feelings, which results in your reactions, behaviors, choices and actions. These are the trances. While you are in a trance, you are on automatic – a “trance monkey”.

Examples of Trances

99% of the time, we are in a trance. Our daily routine is a testament to that fact. If you’ve been driving for a few years, you’ll notice that you don’t need to think about how to drive, you simply do it on automatic. That is a trance.

Your subconscious is doing the driving while your conscious mind is otherwise occupied.

Let’s take another example – taking a shower. You don’t need to focus on how to bathe yourself – you are in a trance and your subconscious is doing the work. When you do anything that doesn’t need your full conscious attention and focus, you are in a trance – your subconscious takes over that activity.

Similarly, most of your reactions and responses to triggers around you are the result of a trance – a program that your subconscious mind is playing. When the person who annoys you at work pushes your buttons, you don’t need to consciously figure out a response – your subconscious takes over and your body responds automatically by producing the chemicals that cause the feelings of frustration, anger, indignation, or whatever other emotions come up for you in those situations.

That is a trance. You are consciously not in control – your subconscious is running the show.

Every reaction and response that is not a conscious decision is a trance.

The Benefits of a Trance

Imagine if you had to think about every conscious decision in every moment, all day, everyday. You wouldn’t be able to get very much done. It would take you more time to get out of bed and get ready for work than it currently takes for you to finish all your chores and watch your favorite TV show!

It would be impossible to function effectively in a modern environment without these trances. The key to happiness is not to get rid of the trances, but to choose and create trances that will lead to happiness.


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Choose Your Own Trance

Wouldn’t it be great to be automatically happy? Wouldn’t you prefer to feel confident and capable when you’re asked to stand up and speak to a crowd, than to feel anxious and insecure? How about if that feeling of empowerment was automatic?

In other words – whenever you’re asked to get up in front of a group of people, you automatically feel confident and happy to do so. Both fear and confidence are trances. Your body automatically goes into those states in certain circumstances, without your conscious participation – without your conscious choice.

You can choose a trance of confidence and happiness in place of the trance of fear and insecurity – by changing the original data to which your subconscious is referring.

How to Change Your Automatic Trances

The key is changing the original data will automatically change the trances. We’re all trance monkeys – and that’s great because that’s how we survive as a species, it’s the most efficient way of living our lives. But we do have a choice in the types of trances we choose to live by.

Start by making a list of the things that bother you most right now. Just one or two words to identify each item for yourself. Then, start with the item with the highest emotional charge; notice how you feel, where in your body you feel it, and how strong it is.

Think back to when you’ve felt that same feeling in the past – go to your earliest memory of it – it may not be exactly the same topic, but it will be the same feeling. Then, use the FasterEFT Technique to clear and flip that memory. Do the same with each memory and each item on your list.

You will notice that some of the items on your list may already have changed by the time you get to them – this will be because one of the previous memories you worked on was producing the structure for that particular problem.

As you go through the process, you will start to see automatic changes in your life – without your needing to consciously force yourself to change. Use FasterEFT in the moment when something bothers you – you can use Mental Tapping if you can’t tap physically for some reason.

Every time you clear and flip a memory or issue, you are changing the data that determine your trances. You will start to become naturally, automatically happier, healthier and more successful as a result.


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