You Can Change Yourself Master Training (Level 1)

Join us for this life-changing event at the Skills to Change Institute in January 2022.

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When was the last time you felt truly happy?

It’s time to take back control of your life and find that happiness inside you again. Other modalities may work for a time — you might have even tried diets, anti-depressants, or even running from the problem — but when you stop treating the symptoms, the issue is still there. The key to truly transforming your life is by getting to and healing the cause of the symptoms: YOUR MEMORIES. 

Our memories are driving us

The imprinted memories on our subconscious mind drive our behavior. It’s true. What we do, what happens to us, what we smell, touch, taste, feel, hear and see become recorded by our subconscious and that controls how we move through life.

If you put your hand in a fire you learn very quickly not to do that again. You form the memory that fire hurts to touch and now you will avoid putting your hand in a fire. It’s quite simple. This basic memory link happens in every corner of our lives from when we are babies up until we are seniors. From relationships with our parents and siblings to our relationship with other things like money, food, and our health.

So what memories are you holding onto that are keeping you sick and in bed, or heartbroken and depressed? What memories have kept your relationships from getting better and your life from being as incredible as you’ve always wanted it to be? 

Why attend?

You Can Change Yourself Master Training (Level I of the eutaptics® Training system) is specifically structured to provide the best possible start and personal transformation for any individual — whether for the purpose of becoming a practitioner or simply a happier, healthier person.

Over the course of the 7-day seminar, participants receive an in-depth education on how the mind and body work, and then they are guided through the process of making the changes to their subconscious references, according to whatever transformation they desire to achieve in their lives.

After completing the event you will have the option to join the Level 1 Mentoring Group – which provides ongoing help, support, and guidance through regular live online mentoring sessions and a dedicated private Facebook group, as well as email support.

Benefits of Master Training

The Details

Dates:  Jan 15-21, 2022

Training Location:

Best Western Plus
Saddleback Inn & Conference Center
4300 SW 3rd Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73108

Rooms at the Best Western are pre-reserved with a complimentary deluxe breakfast buffet.
Rate, $79/night

Online Booking: click here.

If you prefer to call the hotel directly:

Booking Group Name: Skills to Change
Booking Group Code: SKLS0115