“I Wish I Could Have That Time Back... All That Time I Spent Keeping Myself Sick.” - Kaila’s Transformation From Being Stuck in Bed to Dancing in the Street.

“I Wish I Could Have That Time Back... All That Time I Spent Keeping Myself Sick.” - Kaila’s Transformation From Being Stuck in Bed to Dancing in the Street.

For most people cozying up in bed, snuggling in, and making yourself at home is the perfect way to unwind. It’s what makes us feel safe and warm. If nowhere else, the comfort of our bed is a sanctuary. 

But Kaila wasn't like most people. For Kaila, her bed had become a prison. 

Kaila had physical and emotional complications that went so far back in her life and so deep into her subconscious that it had made leaving her bed a nightmare. She had seen doctor after doctor, tried treatment after treatment. She had even reached out to a famous specialist who everyone swore would fix her problems… but nothing. 

It took months and months of doctors and therapists to get her to a place where she could even return to work. Unfortunately, even that was short lived. 

After two years of being out of bed and back to work, Kaila had to quit suddenly. Anxiety, depression, physical pains and chemical sensitivities had made it almost impossible to do anything, let alone focus on work. The treatments that had once shown promise were no longer working. 

Her physical pain had gotten so bad she had started to isolate from those around her again. Her emotional pain was fueled by this alienation and the vicious cycle had nowhere to go but in a circle. 

She was at a loss. With no answers from doctors and no relief on the horizon, Kaila saw no other solution than to take her own life. It was a terrible time for those who loved her as they waited for her to come out of the hospital. She had slipped into a coma, and after ten days, Kaila woke up to her family's relief and her own disappointment. Her attempt had not worked. 

It seemed that this event fueled her pain, and now she was in excruciating physical pain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In fact, even entering her own home triggered so many reactions that she often opted to sit outside for hours on end. 

Everything was piling up again and Kaila had begun to panic. Her anxiety had gotten to be too much. She felt like she was crawling out of her own skin most days. She broke up with her fiance, filled out a will with an attorney, and even made arrangements for her kids. She was going to end her life, and this time it was going to work. 

But first, she was going to try one last thing. In a move of desperation, she posted a Youtube video of herself and sent it to Robert. She had heard that he could work “miracles” for someone in her situation, so before she did something drastic, she was willing to give it a shot. 

Robert saw the video and reached out. Within a couple of days Kaila was on the road to Las Vegas headed to meet Robert at a “Heal Your Body” Weekend Seminar. 

Without a doubt, this experience changed Kaila’s life. She had a session with Robert and was tapped on in front of the class. She came into the whole thing with the thought that she wasn’t going to just feel good for now and tell him she’s cured. She was going to get some real results, dammit! 

So, she trusted the process. It was that small moment that finally opened her up to the truth. 

She had been practicing her illness, her suffering, for a long, long time. She and Robert worked through the worst of the worst of her memories. One in particular had been holding her in this state of dis-ease for years upon years. By replaying her trauma over and over again, she was living in it currently. 

Once the weight of that experience was finally off of her shoulders, she felt like a new person. A strange new person. The feeling was surreal. She felt good, but somehow she also felt weird about feeling good. 

“You scrambled by brain,” She told Robert. “I'm such a different person now.”

That very night, Kaila went out with friends and found herself, for the first time in many years, dancing out of pure joy. Just days earlier she was hardly able to go out in public for fear of what might trigger her, now she’s dancing and singing along with the Bellagio Fountain. A truly amazing transformation. 

“I wish I could have that time back... All that time I spent keeping myself sick.” She said. “But I’m here now.”

What Kaila went through is not uncommon. I'm sure you read her story and could picture yourself there with your own pain, your own challenges, relating to her in ways you weren't sure you would.  What I want to see, and what I know you hope for, is that you someday relate to her transformation. The freedom from chronic pain, expensive doctor visits, undiagnosable illness, or even hard to treat symptoms can be yours

No more waking up tired and sick. No more wondering when you’ll start to feel better. Start your transformation to a healthier body, a healthier mind and a healthier life right now. 

Kaila is someone whose journey continues to inspire me, and I hope has inspired you, too. Her transformation is one that I keep coming back to as an example of just how amazing life is when you use eutaptics® FasterEFT™.

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