What Will You See When You look Back On YOUR Life?

What Will You See When You look Back On YOUR Life?

When you stand at the edge of your time on this earth, will you look back and see a life well lived? Or will you see a life full of “what ifs”? Will it bring you joy, or grief? 

Nothing is harder than self reflection, I know. It takes an emotional titan to stand amongst their own memories and understand how each of them has affected their life and the lives of the people they love. But even more so, it takes an emotionally intelligent being to do something about what they see.

Years ago, Christin experienced a major stroke that nearly took her life. As she lay in the hospital bed staring at the ceiling, she was unsure if she’d ever get to go home. The stroke threatened to be the last experience she would ever have and as she looked back on her life she was filled with sorrow. 

What had she done with herself? What was she going to leave behind? And why did it take her this long to realize how unhappy she was?

In that moment she promised herself that if she survived she’d take every single regret she had and let that motivate her to live her life differently. She would live better. If she survived she swore to herself that she’d go for gold and make something of the years she had left. 

The only problem was that she had no idea how. She didn’t even know if making those plans was worth the trouble. 

Thankfully, she did survive. She got to go home, but with her went an overwhelming sense of trauma and fear. She wasn’t able to reconcile the bleakness of her life before, nor the hatred she felt about herself. Soon that hatred led to Christin questioning everything. 

“Why did I survive? What is the point of my life? Why am I still here if I am just so unhappy?” 

The more she asked herself, the less she felt that answers would come. Her friend of 30 years, Linda Esser, stepped in when Christin admitted to being suicidal. She asked to tap with her, and with nothing left to lose, Christin agreed. 

It was that day, that moment one-on-one with Linda, that changed Christin’s life forever. 

Linda, who was the first Master FasterEFT™ Practitioner, continued to work with Christin to help her get to a place of peace. After some seeing a massive transformation in herself, Christin decided to take Linda’s advice and take “You Can Change Yourself Master Training.” 

Not only was she blown away by the effectiveness of the training, but how HER personal changes have affected her relationships with others. She’s gained the confidence to go after things she never thought possible and the strength of the community has helped her through some of life’s tougher moments. 

Since her first introduction to Robert and eutaptics® FasterEFT™ Training, she has gone on to change the lives of others by becoming a certified eutaptics® FasterEFT™ Practitioner, giving presentations to a global audience, and truly giving back to the community that gave so much to her.  

What was one of the scariest, most unexpected experiences of her life, Christin’s health scare could have negatively affected her for good. She could have set limitations on her wants and desires because “it’s better to play it safe” or she was “just too afraid.” 

Instead, she leaned on her eutaptics® FasterEFT™ Training, her tapping buddies, and of course, her dear friend Linda. Doing this, she was able to transform her doubts and fears into a really incredible life. 

If you have ever experienced trauma, depression, suicidal thoughts, or anxiety and want to make a lasting change to your life, as Christin has, we’re here to help guide you. 

In honor of the very friend that helped Christin discover a renewed love for life, Linda Esser, our biggest sale of the year is taking place from September 22 - 28, 2022.  Visit FasterEFT.com and discover the ways that eutaptics® FasterEFT™ can help you.
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